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Small Desserts

Our small desserts include:

cupcakes, mini cupcakes, dessert shot cups, dipped strawberries, brownies, gourmet cookies, gourmet cookie sandwiches, and much more!


The cupcakes start at $40/dz, and we require a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor. (see flavors page for options)


The mini cupcakes start at $1.50 each for basic flavors, and $1.75 each for premium flavors. (see flavors page for options)


Our dessert shots are layered cups of your choice using cake, icing, or filling. These start at $3.50/ea. (see flavors page for options)


Strawberries start at $2/ea for simple dipped, and $2.50/ea for gourmet dipped (crushed nuts added to top of chocolate, etc)


Brownie Bites start at $1.50 each for un-iced, and $2/ea for iced. Bon-Bon style $2.50/ea.


Our gourmet cookies flavors are: M&M, double chocolate chunk, chocolate chunk, sugar, sprinkle, cinnamon sugar, white chocolate macadamia nut, and oatmeal raisin. They are $2/ea.


The gourmet cookie sandwiches are two cookies, filled with buttercream frosting. (see flavors page for options for buttercream)

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